- A blockchain protocol for tokenizing financial assets

GRT - Stablecoin

Gnome Reserve Token (GRT) is a stablecoin backed by crypto and dollars. New GRT can be minted at 1 cent, meaning 1 GRT will always trade below 1 cent. GRT doesn't have any fixed peg, instead, GRT is traded and will have some volatility like any normal asset. But since it's partly backed by other stablecoins, and the upside is capped, it will be more stable than other cryptos.

GRT can be bought at an exchange, or minted at a fixed rate (1 GRT = 1 cent) by sending BNB to the GRT contract. GRT can be used to mint other Gnome assets, e.g. new LBTC can be minted by sending GRT to the LBTC contract address. And it works the other way around, leverage tokens can be sold/redeemed back when sent to the GRT contract address. The burn/mint rate is always 1:1 between GRT and Leverage tokens (excluding fees). The ability to convert between GRT and leverage tokens allows for trading Gnome assets using any wallet interface.

- Instructions:

GRT can be bought and sold here, or minted by sending BNB to the contract address.

- Specifications:

Fee: No fees
Minting price: 1 cent
Exchange price: 0.98 cent