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Long Gold Token (LXAU): Leverage token

Long Gold Token (LXAU) is a leverage token with long exposure to Gold, available on the Binance Smart Chain. LXAU will generally overperform when Gold is strong and underperform when Gold is weak. You will earn more LXAU tokens if the price of Gold increases, and lose SXAU tokens when Gold decreases in price. Positions can't be liquidated. LXAU can be tradeable 24/7 on dexes.

- Instructions:

LXAU can be traded at or Pancakeswap. To view your asset, go to /wallet-viewer.

- Specifications

Leverage: ~3x long
Chain: Binance Smart Chain
Type: Rebase
Transfer fee: 0.1%
Long term holding fee: 0%

- Real time performance

{"x": "1697915927000", "y": 1990.75 },{"x": "1692118833000", "y": 1800.31 },{"x": "1691191991000", "y": 1898.22 },{"x": "1691178114000", "y": 1896.71 },{"x": "1691178024000", "y": 1893.22 },{"x": "1691170109000", "y": 1893.61 },{"x": "1690744230000", "y": 1942.71 },{"x": "1690408413000", "y": 1979.95 },{"x": "1690053450000", "y": 1986.93 },{"x": "1689632550000", "y": 1963.77 },{"x": "1687651481000", "y": 1868.67 },{"x": "1687571771000", "y": 1867.77 },{"x": "1687274122000", "y": 1906.56 },{"x": "1687131629000", "y": 1972.28 },{"x": "1686150109000", "y": 1977.83 },{"x": "1685922570000", "y": 1949.1 },{"x": "1685876848000", "y": 1948.32 },{"x": "1684769283000", "y": 1972.17 }
{"x": "1697915927000", "y": 1965.98 },{"x": "1692118833000", "y": 1903.91 },{"x": "1691191991000", "y": 1942.79 },{"x": "1691178114000", "y": 1942.32 },{"x": "1691178024000", "y": 1941.13 },{"x": "1691170109000", "y": 1941.28 },{"x": "1690744230000", "y": 1959.24 },{"x": "1690408413000", "y": 1972.07 },{"x": "1690053450000", "y": 1961.97 },{"x": "1689632550000", "y": 1954.02 },{"x": "1687651481000", "y": 1921.28 },{"x": "1687571771000", "y": 1921.11 },{"x": "1687274122000", "y": 1934.86 },{"x": "1687131629000", "y": 1956.99 },{"x": "1686150109000", "y": 1958.39 },{"x": "1685922570000", "y": 1948.59 },{"x": "1685876848000", "y": 1948.32 },{"x": "1684769283000", "y": 1972.11 }
Figure 1. Latest data: LXAU = , ■ Gold(XAU) = , updated seconds ago.
Description: This chart tracks the price performance of equal amounts of Gold(XAU) and LXAU.

- Redeeming & Minting LXAU

New LXAU can be minted by sending GRT to the LXAU contract address. LXAU can be redeemed back if sent to the GRT contract address. The exchange rate is always 1:1. Some wallets will warn about sending funds to a contract, these warnings can be ignored here. There is a daily limit of how much can be redeemed and minted, if reached, your transaction will automatically revert. No more than 5% of current total supply can be minted in 24 hours. See more details on this here .

Ticker Contract Address
LXAU 0x77...18
SXAU 0x33...68
GRT 0x4f...B3

- Price calculation

The internal price of the LXAU token is what determines the amount of coins for LXAU holders. This price can be seen in real time in Figure 1 above. If this price moves up, holders will get more LXAU, if this price goes down, holders will get less LXAU. It's calculated the following way (simplified).

1) The LXAU price is first calculated: P = Pxau3/ ma 2 , where ma is the 60 moving average of the gold price.

2) When the gold price is above the 60 day moving average, "interest" will accumulate. If the price goes below the moving average, "fees" will instead be accumulated.

IF (Pxau > ma) : interesttot += t * (Pxau - ma), IF (Pxau < ma) : feetot += t * (ma - Pxau), where t is time since last contract update.

3) P will then be multiplied with all accumulated fees and interest. R is the final result.

IF (feetot > interesttot) :
 R = P * 100 / (100 + (feetot - interesttot))
 R = P * (100 + (interesttot - feetot)) / 100

- Fee structure

There are 2 type of fees, Transfer Fee: Buy/sell tax of 0.1% for wallets with more than 10000 GRT, for all other situations the transfer fee is 0.2%. Minting fee: A minting fee of is charged when minting and redeeming LXAU. Both might change in the future.

- Fail safe mechanisms

There are mechanisms in place to mitigate damage from potential inflation bugs or oracle problems.

* Profit limit. This should not be triggered under normal circumstances. If the ratio between total loss and total profit in LXAU reaches a set threshold(> 10x), the token would stop following the price of the oracle, it would just become pegged to GRT. In such a scenario it would still be tradeable/redeemable/mintable.